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Some good news.... for now

Had an excellent appointment with a really good endo specialist.

After a false start with seeing a gyno, where there was misunderstanding about her not receiving the information, I went back the next week and saw an amazing general gynaecologist who was so lovely and understanding, but wanted my case to be taken over by their endometriosis specialist.

A week later I saw him, he was equally as lovely as the previous doctor, so understanding, understood about possible complications with my other medical issues.

Talked me through the possible options, the fact I could have surgery, or not, he knew that the hormones may not be to my advantage because of what I have, and also surgery could have more problems for me, and also not alleviate my pain.

Good news is too, he's the head doctor of the BSGE and he'll be the one to treat and if needed operate on me under the BSGE. I didn't even ask to get referred to them, the gyno just said he thought he would be the best fit for me and I'm to come back and I'm only to see him from now on.

For now surgery has been left to the side with a pin in it, he wants me to have further tests for other health issues and we'll discuss it in six months if we both think surgery will be the best option.

I'm really thankful to have such a good doctor who I feel I can trust and who understands my situation and also is so good in his field. I didn't think I would find this on the NHS, especially so quickly. So I'm thankful!

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That's wonderful hun. Guess your one of the lucky ones. If only we could all be treated like this maybe we wouldn't feel so bitter towards these gynaes. Glad you've been treated with compassion and respect and hope they get to the bottom of your problems. It's nice to hear the positives 💗🤗😘

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I completely understand, to be honest I've been treated pretty poorly for a number of years by my GP's and ignored or told it's all in my head with other problems, and that my excruciating pain when I am on is just normal period pains when I knew it just wasn't. This was found by complete accident.

I also had a bad gyno appointment to begin with in that she said she didn't know why I was there and had no information on me or my cyst, when she did in the referral form. However if she had have treated me I wouldn't have seen the lovely one who moved me onto the great specialist.

So I see it as karma/the universe rewarding me finally for all the complete crap I've been put through over the years!!!

Hopefully everyone will get their rewards for putting up with it for so long too!

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