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Surgery Stage 4 servere Endometriosis.

Hello ladies,

Hope your all well.

I'm having hysterectomy on Thursday morning.

I've been told by Friday afternoon I would be able to go home. I got told as long as I'm walking, eating/drinking and going the toliet I can go home.

I was just wondering if you ladies had the same.

Or how long did you have to stop in hospital. :(

I'm bricking myself. I'm getting more anxious more closer it's getting. πŸ˜“

Not only that what's making it worse is I’m so I'm many a miles away from my family. That's the worst bit as well.

I'm not looking forward to it at all. I'm just hoping it's right I can come home Friday afternoon. Not only that I would heal better been at home.

Sorry to Witter on ladies :( πŸ˜“

Thanks Sam β€πŸ˜“

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Hi...i have stage 4 too...awaiting a date for a full hysterectomy and a bowel resection in November....i honestly wish I had mine on Thursday...i can't cope with pain anymore...i got told a couple of days in hospital if all goes well...you have to ensure that you can pass urine and there is no blood in urine.....tip....deink loads water...ill be having mine in Leeds but live in York so I'm miles away too....just think of the reliefbut be aware the first couple days will not be easy xx


Hope it went well xxxx


Hello starry,

Got your message haven't the operation.

I have it this Thursday. X




Hi, I also have/had stage 4, and had ovary removed and extensive adhesiolysis, but not hysterectomy as bowel was stuck awkwardly to uterus. I was expecting to go home next day but got a raised temperature so was kept in for 3 more days until everything settled. Think everyone is different, so prepare food r a few days just in case. Hope it all goes smoothly for you x

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Prepare 'for' not prepare food! Silly typo sorry!


Hello girli1969,

Thank you for your reply. That helps I'm hoping i don't have to stop in 🀞🏾.I hate stopping in hospitals.

Thank you

Sam πŸ˜€πŸ₯€


Hello Sam38,

I really hope you are ok and the surgery went smoothly, lots of good wishes,



Hope all went well!? I was home two days later as there was a slight worry as I wet the bed (humiliatingly) the morning after surgery. But after a second night everything was fine, had just been because of the local I hadn't realised my bladder was full.

With any luck you are resting up at home being kind to yourself. Mine was last December and I've not had nearly the amount or severity of pain I had previously xx

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