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Did you start with symptoms in your 20s

Trying to piece together my symptoms so far I remember having painful ovulation for a few months and thinking nothing of it, then started with painful periods and lower back pain. I think when you start to remember things you realise maybe it’s all been happening a little longer than you thought. I can remember at least. 2-3 months before my bad pains and constant pains they ovulation felt more obvious. Even my periods a bit back before all this became slightly more painful but I didn’t realise it.

I remember having gushing periods for a while too, heavy dark periods and feeling something in gushing out of me - again I ignored it to be normal when actually surly it can’t be. I remember Been stood thinking oh god I can feel it gushing out and bleeding bad that I might leak, that’s happened for a long time.. again shrugged it off to be normal. Only way I can describe it is a flooding feeling at one time where you feel you might leak. I remember just stood there thinking eughhhh I can feel it coming out.. weird feeling lol.

For a long time I’ve always peed a lot of blood during my period time including clots.. again, thought nothing of it and had long clumps in my period

Never had painful periods in my life previously..26 now

I’ve had anemia on and off the past couple of years and chronic UTIs and pain during sex since I was 16

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My symptoms started with my very first period I do believe. I'm 42


I started my periods at 15 and they were horrific by 17 they found cysts but my symptoms were more likely to be pcos (diagnosed for 8 years) I'm 25 now and it turns out I had endo.

So I'd say I've had symptoms since I was a teen but they have got worse as I got older.


I always had weird periods. Was popped on the pill young. But my first non cycle pain started when i was 17 and was diagnosed as IBS. I had non cyclic pain on/off up until i was diagnosed at 31. My pain now is almost constant. Treatment has made it worse. I dont get any relief. Not sure if its because i took so long to be diagnosed. But all treatment has also failed.


Always had severe pain with periods. Was given mebervine at 17 but they eventually discovered my endo at stage 4 with cysts and a mass last year - aged 44. With the genetic risk of passing it on, I'll be watching my own daughter carefully for signs! No way I'll allow hers to go on so long x


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