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Post hysterectomy pain

I had a total hysterectomy a few years back and was told that the surgeon left the cervical stump. I had a severe case of endo. Was told after my my first surgery that I had the worst case they have seen in 30 years. Took out right ovary and fallopian tube. Was told I had major adhesions and scaring. Had hysterectomy a year or so later. I am still in terrible pain, not as bad as before the surgery, but definitely still in pain. I’ve been told it’s scar tissue is causing the pain. My question is if I still have a cervical stump can endo still be growing on it therefore causing some pain? I was told that the endo is very small and if any is missed during removal it can start to grow again, true?

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Hi, sorry to hear you are in pain. Yes it is true that endo can continue to grow. A hysterectomy is not a cure for endo. Do you still have one ovary? Is your gp any help? Perhaps you need to see an endometriosis specialist and ask for a laparoscopy.

I have endo too. To cut a long story short I had a complete hysterectomy Feb 2016 and was left in pain. July 2017 had my 7th laparoscopy and deep endo nodules were found on my uterosacral ligament and where excised. My first endo specialist told me it wouldn't grow back. 😡

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Thank you so much for your response. I have no ovaries and had a total hysterectomy. Was told that there was no way I could have endo after the surgery. So I’ve been struggling to figure out why there is so much pain!!!! Have you found some relief after your last surgery? I’m just nervous that if I have more surgeries or laps I will build up even more scar tissues. I will make an appointment with an endo specialist. Thanks again.


Endermetreeosis if severe enough can continue to grow...even with laparoscopy it doesn't always get fully removed....if it spreads to bowels kidneys lungs it's almost impossible to remove...think you may have to push for more surgery to laser....but may happen every few years


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