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Hey guys.. I also take thyroxine for a thyroid condition so don't know how much my tiredness is related to that and endo.

Just wondered if it's normal with endo to almost feel like you are drunk with tiredness? It's horrid. I had a really good sleep but it's taken me about half an hour to feel like I'm properly awake. Ive not had it like this before.. Im not even properly awake yet.

I worked half a day yesterday and I went to sleep when I got in at 3pm as tiredness hit me like a tone of bricks. Please someone tell me this improves when they get rid of your endo?

Thanks in advance x

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Hi, I also take Thyroxine for my thyroid condition as well as having Stage 4 Endo.

What you're describing sounds, to me, like thyroid stuff. It's how I felt before I was put on thyroxine.

Have you had your levels checked recently? Also it's worth asking for the numbers because sometimes a change drs see as insignificant could feel significant i.e. your levels may have dropped but still be within range. Does that make sense?

Also, I find it important to take the thyroxine at the same time each day.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Thanks for your reply. I was having a bad endo symptom couple of days so think it was a mixture. The pain I get is when I pass my bowels it shoots up my bum and it is ridiculously painful and leaves my pelvis and whole body feeling shattered. So I think on top of that along with thyroid symptoms is a killer at times. I changed the time I was taken them at and it seems to have helped. Im not due bloods until February. Only go every 6 months for my bloods.

Where abouts is your endo? It's hard to differentiate between the two symptoms for endo and thyroid with some things don't you feel? Xx


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