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Hope everyone is doing OK today.

Anyone else with endo suffering from hip pain and growing pain in legs after a couple of hours shopping? I mean, granted I haven’t done any shopping in many years, but I’m pretty athletic, I have a lot of leg muscle, but I’ve noticed for the past 3 months that if I do too much walking, my hip bones/joints are tired (this is new to me) and I have growing pain down my legs (I’ve suffered from growing pain all my life, especially at stressful times like exams and interviews).

Anyone the same?

Any link to specific endo location?

I’m 37, I exercise sporadically, My BMI is at 21, I take my Omega3, Mg, Vit D, B12 supplements every day.

I have deep infiltrating bladder endo, awaiting for lap!

Thank you for sharing 🎗

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  • Yes ive the same in the last.8 months..but I went to my osteopath and he said I have piriformis syndrome...

    I have had always righthand side lower back and lower right abdominal pain and been told it was my endo.

    Ive been operated 4 times. Last time hysterectomy 10 years ago..

    Im currently at an endo clinic who says they think most of the pain is from scar tissue. The lower back pain,hip and leg pain has been bad for months and 2 months ago my osteopath told me ive the piriformis syndrome. He also does deep tissue massage for my endo..

    Stress is a big key for me. Im on the endo diet and I have a contrast MRI end of this month. I dont hold out much hope though.

    Im sorry you are in pain. You are not alone. I feel im going mad sometimes...I just want confirmation about what is really going on in my body.

  • Hi

    I get strong, sharp pain at my left hip, down to knee and up back trough left sacroileac. When my other endo pains are bad, my left side becomes v stiff and painful especially when I stand for a while. Ive experimented with standing on one leg(!) and basically I cant on that side when its bad. I put it down to referred pain. I find heat packs and electric blanket help a bit. Im waiting for MRI so I should find out more. I reckon it has to be linked to endo. Ive read it can attach to bones. Osteopath is a good idea. I go to an Arvigo practitioner who does a coccyx stretch for me that seems to release it and help pain. I imagine an osteo could do this too. Ive also tried acupuncture for it which helped those particular pains.

  • I have had something similar for the last year, and my osteopath thinks it sciatica and related hip back pain on the other side. I used to be very fit, exercise a lot, and be lean and muscly. Then, my only problem was endo, but mine was mild and fortunately held in check by the pill. Later, the mirena removed my periods completely as well as all endo pain, and it got me through the menopause completely endo-type-pain-free.

    Over the last few years - partly because of where we live, plus changes in weather patterns, and because of a slew of minor illnesses, I found it all but impossible to do the exercise I like, except going to the gym and yoga. Even that was interrupted by illness, and the hip and leg pain hit this time last year. Aching/pain in right hip if I stand too long, or 'dawdle walk' (eg supermarket or girlie shopping - although too much 'good' walking also brought it on). Then, if I let this go on too long, I get the most agonising pain shooting down through my left buttock around the hip and down the front of my left leg. At times it's so bad that I have cried out or nearly collapsed.

    I have wondered if it is endo that is causing it, as I have heard that it can return post-mirena and even post-menopause. However, the deep massage from my Osteo helped hugely, as do the various stretches she gave me - I just have to remember to do them everyday, and not just when I've brought it on by standing cooking ... My other half is now used to walking into the kitchen to find me flat on the floor doing the hamstring stretch, and the pigeon. {NB he does his fair share of cooking and all work} . I wish I knew the correct names of the other 4 exercises - the 2 I've mentioned are the most extreme, and I work up to them through the other 4. Plus, you have to do them equally on both sides, (ditto massage) even if the pain is only on one side.

    I know it could be endo, but at the moment I'm convinced it's because I've let myself go, so I'm just starting a new return to health programme at the gym, as well as daily walks - even though walking here is drear for me: the countryside is not all peachy: I hate green lanes!!

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