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1 Day Post Lap And Diagnosed With Endo


I’m 26! Just had a Diagnostic Lap yesterday and my surgeon was trying to explain but I was half asleep so he said he will see me in two weeks!

He said he found endo all in abdomen and around my bowel and bladder, but that’s all I can remember him saying!

Does anyone have any ideas on treatment? Options? Or options to not take?



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Hey lovely,

There are a number of options but I can only tell you the one I have 😊.xx

I have the mirena coil. The mirena coil releases progesterone into the womb and only the womb and so the hormonal affects aren’t as substantial as the mini pill. With the mini pill the hormones travel around your body.

The bleeding can be a bit here and there with the coil but this should die down after 2 months. Some people in the end experience no periods with it or just light spotting.

There is also a lower dose of progesterone in the coil so again the side affects are not as bad.

I was happy to give this a go as the pill always made me crazy and we can’t have the combined pill because it has oestrogen in it. Which I believe the endo feeds off.

I know other ladies have had other options given to them.

My doctor said I may need to take something along side the coil as I’m have symptoms still. They removed what they could see so I still have some inside. The coil prevents growth 😊. (I still have a lot to learn about it though so there is more) just trying to give you as much info as possible.

Hope that helps a little bit.

Sending you lots of hugs and here if you need anything.xxx

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Awww thanks very much! I’ve never really wanted the coil, don’t like the thought of it being inside and having to have it taken out etc! I’m weird like that hahahahaha!

Endo has made me so scared of everything including sex etc as the pain in unbearable!

I’m going to see him again in a couple weeks to discuss options! Did you have it wrapped around your bowel and bladder? Did you have it taken away first?



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