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Who would find an endo and all together everything women's health specially designed clothing range at affordable pricing?

Something I have been thinking about starting for a little while as personally I have struggled with finding comfy affordable clothing that works around daily life and endo and everything that has to throw at me.i have struggled to find clothing that looks good and comfy with a bloated tummy.i know we can all go out and buy maternity clothing but I refuse to do so. Not just because I'm not pregnant but also because all I want is to be pregnant and it's just another dagger to the heart. Also the good stuff is pricey!

Is this something you guys would be interested in? Also if so any recommendations or requirements? Looking for this to be driven by the ladies that are living it.

Any comments welcomed.

The struggle is real ladies keep fighting.

E.P x

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Great idea I'll chat soon got to dash. Xx

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This would be amazing! Fed up of feeling frumpy!! I have two sizes of clothes in my wardrobe which is expensive and takes up more room. Love the idea of adjustable garments like wrap tops or ones that don’t matter your size of the day.

I’m also short so find it impossible to find petite clothing in a size 14/16x


I'm like lillil short 14 to 16 like to cover my but so I'm constantly wearing a oversized dress with leggings when I go out gets real boring. I think this is a fab idea. 💗🤗😘


Omg yes! Sounds absolutely amazing! Great idea...

I live in yoga pants and leggings, as they stretch and are so easy to throw on.

I do shop at Victorias Secret or Lululemon sometimes, but would love another option.

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This definitely sounds like a good idea! I'm struggling to find work appropriate outfits, and I don't even work in a formal environment! I find myself wearing the same things again and again just because anything too restrictive or tight just feels so uncomfortable. I end up feeling really frumpy and it's made me lose all interest in taking care of my appearance. Would make a difference to have a go to brand that caters for women with endo and just being aware of their state of mind. X

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