Suspected endometriosis

I'm still waiting on a official diagnosis although it's suspected cos they can't find another explanation for it so just waiting for someone to actually say it, is anyone who is officially diagnosed taking provera? And also I get really blurred vision and suspect it's a side effect of that any advice? And also anyone else get extremely frequent water infections possibly connected too? Thanks

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I have just come from GP with the same issue. She suspects is endo but only after I insisted that my symptoms are not just abdominal/digestive ones and that I feel it is connected to my ovaries or around the area. She initially said it was IBS but I insisted that I have intense period pain. She agreed to send me for a 'scan' very generic, I don't know exactly if CT scan or another type. Websites say you should insist to be sent to endo specialists. I don't know if useful or your case but have been reading this and it says a lot of women end up misdiagnosed or undiagnosed for a long time. Good luck! Hope it all clears out

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Thank you so much, same to you x


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