Bleeding after intercourse does this mean my endometriosis has come back?

Hi ladies.

I had a terrible appointment with my fertility consultant's Assistant ( meant to be with our consultant) today.

I feel exhausted- my periods have become as bad as the were prior endo surgery post miscarriage, my bowels are bad again, and now I'm bleeding after sex which is ok as my smear test is ok I could scream! I know it's not cancer but it's still not OK.

I feel undermined and not taken seriously- it's my body and I know something is not ok. I know endo is back.

Please advise me what to do I'm at loss.

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I'm sorry I can't give you a long reply I'm feeling real tired but I think you should see an endo specialist and get it checked out either get referred to bsge or if you can go see a specialist pay for a consultation and maybe get referred on his nhs list if he works both private and nhs. Wish you luck hun. Xx

Aww thank you hun. I felt it was me over reacting until I posted on here and miscarriage site and thanks to kind ladies like you I realized I wasn't. I spoke to my practice nurse and she referred me to a GP who both were shocked and the GP will take swabs and exam me on wednesday. She said to wait for the consultant's letter and if he hasn't addressed re my concerns to write to him and list my concerns which I think is a great idea. xoxo

Yes sounds like a plan. Hopefully it will all get sorted quickly. Wish you luck hun xx

Thats pretty rubbish! You need a supportive fertility dr I would demand to see only the consultant next time which you can insist on doing .

Would also agree with the above, get checked out at a BSGE centre. For me those symptoms you have are exactly how I knew my endo was back after my IVF, thankfully I had a dr that took me seriously and it makes all the difference. Good luck

I am fond of our consultant he has been good to us sadly our appointment was not with him- it such a shame. I know my consultant would've listened to me and taken me seriously. I wish hed been there I feel let down- I was there to see him for a post miscarriage follow and none of my concerns were taken seriously. When I mentioned my concern of endo returning I was accused of implying my consultant had not done a good job- it wasn't what I was saying. I came home in tears...

I spoke to a practice nurse who was shocked by it and refereed me to a GP also shocked and both were very supportive of me. Anyway the GP is taking swabs and will be trying to get to the bottom of it and has advised me to write my concerns to him seeing as my questions were left unanswered. I will wait to see his letter before writing to him and see if he has the notes and has listened to my concerns.

Thank you for the advice and all the best on your journey xoxo

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