Enlarged uterus?

For weeks now I've been feeling off, just feeling extremely tired and ditsy all the time needing to wee like every 5 mins with sharp severe stomach pains that also went to my lower back. To the point where I haven't been able to do daily tasks.

Then Sunday I collapsed in pain and went to the walk in centre saying I think I got a bad UTI as couldn't think what else it could be, but couldn't believe how bad the pain had got. They tested me and it came back negative for any infection so they did me an internal examination and the GP said I have an enlarged uterus and was worried about my abdomen being sore to touch and the possibility of things like fibroids, endo etc, so phoned the gyno but they were too busy to see me so I got rushed to A&E where I spent 12hrs being prodded about, having my bloods taken, given painkillers every few hours. My bloods came back 'average' so they decided to send me home with a very strong dose of antibiotics and sickness tablets due to how many serious cases they had and said they would still advise me getting an pelvic ultrasound done after a few days but would have to get referred via my GP. Just before I was about to leave I got asked to do another urine sample & a nurse ran over to me saying I do have an UTI but to keep an eye on my pain as it may not be linked. So I phoned the Dr's and they said it was urgent to get me in for another check over yesterday. I went and had some swabs done, after having had so many painkillers the day before my pain had gone to cramps instead of sharp pains & wasn't as swollen though my lower back was still in agony. She did another internal examination and said she couldn't see what the doctors at A&E were saying I have an enlarged uterus for as to her it seemed ok. Now I am so confused!

I'm still booked in for an pelvic ultrasound though I have to wait up to 3 weeks, and I was told that I wouldn't get booked in for one of them unless they believed I had a reason to have one. Though my local doctor has told me my uterus is ok and it's probably just my UTI.

Though I have never ever had an UTI this painful and disabling ever?!

Just wondered if anyone's had anything similiar as my sharp pain and swollen tummy seems to flare up and go back down again for a day and restart all over. Though my extreme tiredness and confusion stays.


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