Hi all,

I've been given amitriptyline by my GP for my really low mood and he said it helps with pain as well.

I took half a tablet last night as advised (12.5mg) and slept really well. But today, not only I have Zero patience with my son and getting really angry at him, I've also had two naps because I am completely shattered (which I have never been able to do, even when my son was a baby and I was sleep-deprived!).

Any advice?

Tomorrow is my son's 5th birthday party and I am expecting 15kids and 30 adults! 🤕🤕

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  • Hi. Hope the party goes well. I take 1 a day to help with the hip and pelvis pain, it took two weeks to adjust to it for me but I was introducing 3 different medications at once. Give yourself time to adjust and I hope it helps. Xx

  • Hi unfortunately it'll take a little while to get used to the drug. But your body will get used to it soon. It's good you've started with 1/2 a tablet will you be increasing to a whole one? If so wait a couple weeks.

    I was on 25mg a night but found it really hard to get it right. If I took it early in the eve I'd be asleep within the hour if I took it late it left me ridiculously tired and gave me a hangover feel the next day.

    The pain clinic the other day have reduced me to 10mg a night now but given me gabapentin to start aswell, I'm handling the lower dose of amitriptyline much better, although I can't say it helps my pain at all 😩. not started the other meds yet, going to try tonight.

    See how you get on and if the amitriptyline gives you any relief at all if not go back to the docs. Maybe get referred to the pain clinic if you haven't already as they are best at structuring pain meds.

    Hope your party goes well.xx

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