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Tranexamic acid advice please 😔

I'm just looking for advice, I don't know the best thing to do. I'm bleeding very heavily and I have an appointment with gynaecologist tomorrow. I haven't had a diagnosis, but this bleeding has been going on too long and I'm desperate. I have barely left the house.

I can't decide whether to take tranexamic acid, I'm worried about even getting to my appointment, with the bleeding I'm experiencing, I'm in a lot of pain especially on my right hand side maybe we're my ovary would be. I'm not sure.

I don't know whether I could do more damage than good by taking the tranexamic acid? Especially as I don't know the cause of my bleeding.

Tranexamic acid had reduced my bleeding in the past on the days that I take it, but I have experienced heavier bleeding after stopping it. My GP has told me I'm ok to take it but, I just don't know what to do.

I know no one can give me medical advice but Any advice based on personal experience would be greatly appreciated.

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Do you also have pain with the bleeding? I 've been through heavy bleeding episodes many times over few years, still going through this and my advice at this point is to do everything you can to slow down the bleeding. I was constanly worried about taking medication and what if it's better for my body to bleed, but I ended up completely exhaused and sick with severe anemia, my hemoglobin was 7 a month ago. I decided to take tranexamic acid and ibuprofen to help with the bleeding and inflamation. Being anemic is worse for your health, belive me.

Good luck and I hope your appointment will bring you some answers and make you feel better.


Thank you so much for replying. I used to have the heavy bleeding with no pain at all. The past couple of months, I have had sharp stabbing pains with bleeding and currently I have very bad sharp pains at the same time as the bleeding. I'm just worried about taking tranexamic acid when the leaflet says don't take if you have unexplained bleeding.

I'm also scared it will cause me to be in more pain as I don't know why I'm bleeding or where the pain is coming from. I'm just completely at a loss as to what I should do. 😩


Is there anyone that can take you to your appointment perhaps, mum, friend, partner, sister etc? Tranexamic acid should help and I agree with mihaelad that it's better not be severely anaemia and I've also gone through that so trust me it's not fun at all! And the unexplained bleeding in the leaflet I bought that up with my GP and she said she was aware and wouldn't have prescribed it to me if she wasn't sure it was safe, but if your still concerned phone your pharmacy today before they close x


Thank you, my sister is taking me. I will try and get through tonight and perhaps take it in the morning if no better x


In that case get a heat pad, keep hydrated and I do hope you feel better soon x


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