Recovery : one ovary/tube removal and the rest.. ✌

So it is day 4.. I have over consumed Netflix, feel ten stone heavier and my mind has gone to mush 😂. I am normally on the go 24/7 working and busy with life, So being unable to do pretty much anything is frustrating to say the least. I'm sitting here making lists in my head, of things I have to do but simply can't. Facts, I will have to rest and deal with it. The pain level, is painful. I can't go to the rest room properly, eating hurts and limited. Walking for more than a few steps is pretty much impossible without being in a lot pain. My partner has been amazing however. Tips, make sure you have someone to support you and learn to rest after surgery. I still feel pretty bad and I thought I wouldn't be to bad by now. It makes me appreciate my good health although it isnt great, to think some people are bed bound always.. It makes me emphasise. To deal with difficulties I always consider others, it helps me to not have to much of a pity party. It is okay to feel down in the dumps, but you got to pick yourself back up right ? So I always ask myself what can I learn from this situation? Lessons, to appreciate good health, learn to rest and listen to my body and appreciate your support network. Most importantly whilst able make each day count and there is more to life than worry, stress and things cannot always be controlled. Sometimes you got to go with where life takes you and deal with it one step at a time. Anyways peace and love, anyone have any questions please feel free to pm me or ask. Always here to help.

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Go gently and take it easy XX I'm finding the recovery journey is slower than you'd ever expect , takes as long as it needs to take and is full of good days and mini relapses.

Thankyou Starry, I appreciate your advice and support. Have a great day and take care also.

I am on day five after lap and ovary and tube removal. Feeling pretty rubbish and tired from doing hardly anything. My consultant has signed me off work for 2 weeks but I think

I will need more. Has anyone else taken a while to recover?

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