Surgery ...with success

So finally after waiting nearly a year and being very unwell. I got my surgery ! Only yesterday in fact, everything was fine I went in and the nurses / Doctors couldn't be more fantastic. I went under and came back round, the anesteshia made me uncontrollably shake for 15 minutes so they warmed me and gave me oxygen. The doctor after a few hours came to see me to give me a low down on what they did. They discovered during, my left ovary as suspected was twisted and attached to my major organs and still had the drained cyst suffocating it. It was so bad, they decided to cut it out alongside my tube. My bowel was attached to my stomach wall and again had a serious amount of endo which they informed me they detached as much as could safely but not completely as to high risk. My womb and other areas also had nodules and an extensive amount of endo to which they cleared as much as possible. I will now be going to see my specialist in 6 weeks to start hormone therapy. Currently I am in a lot of pain and can't walk/ move very much and the anaesthetic gas is quite painful. Thankfully my wonderful partner is nursing me to health... I need to start paying her as my nurse at this rate. So now my next question will be whether or not I can get my eggs frozen on the NHS. I asked for this month's ago worried my tubes would stop working, was refused... Now I only have one ovary which they hope will last till I am 30 before I have a hysterectomy. But with this in mind it is polycystic, I never have wanted children but want to push to get my eggs frozen, in case me and my partner decide to in the future as this has now changed. It is difficult , when you are put in situations and your options are taken away. Anyways I will keep you up to date on the eggs mission. On another note I am going to eat my freshly prepared breakfast, tea and pop some pain killers 🤣☺. Thank you for hearing me out and I send my best to all my endo sisters.


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