Charity Event Walk Until The Endo!

Hi Girls,

I have been planning an event to stand up to Endometriosis and raise more awareness of the disease that can barely be mentioned!!

Please take a moment to read my page and I really hope some of you feel as though you can come a long and join in 💗💗💗

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Good luck and its a great thing what you are all doing. Thank-you. Xx

I most definitely want to come. See how life's treating me nearer the time great idea though nice for ladies to get v together and feel empowered and try get this disease the recognition we all so deserve. 😘

Yay! That's fab! Would love for you to come as long as you are up to it! Feel free to contact me at any time through email. Bring your friends, family and loved ones along I can't wait to meet everyone 🎉💗

I defo will do I'll be letting my hairdresser know too she has endo also. Will email you sometime near future 💗🤗😘

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