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Feeling like a failure

This is just a rant and feeling sorry for myself, I'm due period next week but the pains have already started I'm in bed as I write this. I had made plans to go out tomorrow and now I have just messaged my friend telling her I'm not feeling up to it because of the situation. I normally plan my life around my periods but this time the pains are really bad and I just feel like such a let down and a failure. I know people are in a worse position and endo is nothing compared to some other health problems but sometimes it's good to just have a moan!! I told her il see how I feel because I don't want to cancel it completely I'm going to try and push myself to go! Hope everyone else is having a good day and if you need a moan then your more then welcome to get it out on here x

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Mine just came to day and caused me so much pain I know how you feel but I managed to take some pain killers and sleep it off and woke up bit better hope you feel better soon xxx


Glad to hear your feeling better!! I'm trying not to take painkillers as I haven't started yet. It's the waiting that drains you out xxx

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