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Trial and error


I've been going through loads of tests because it hurts to eat and every time I do it seems to go pretty much straight through me so I've lost a lot of weight. I get really severe pain around my pelvis (right where my ovaries are) just like a 5 minute of hell once or twice a day and my back hurts and I barely sleep. I've been tested for coeliacs disease but that's was clear and I think they tested for other stuff. I have always had really heavy periods but now I've started to bleed while on Cilest just like patches of brown (GROSS) and my periods are getting more and more painful. But I'm seeing a gynaecologist soon. I was just wondering if that could be endometriosis. If it sounds like it etc. I need to get some kind of relief soon as I'm starting my foundation year and last year all these problems cause me to need lots of days off as I'm sick often when I eat as well.

Thankyou for reading x

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