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Bleeding two weeks before period due

Hello I'm 25 and was diagnosed with endo about a year and a half ago, and since then have been taking the contraceptive pill to help with symptoms. Yesterday for the first time I started bleeding but my period is not due for another week or so yet. I had missed a couple of pills this month and wondering whether it's due to that or could it be down to endometriosis itself. Is this signs that it could be getting worse? Thank you xxx

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Hi is it similar to period blood e.g red? Or is it more of a browny colour and not as much as blood as when you start your period? x


Hiya it is more brown than red, and fairly light. I've had a bit of lower back pain and pelvic aches like I usually get with a period as well though.. slight sciatic pain yesterday as well before I started bleeding which I suffered with a couple of years ago before I was diagnosed with endo. Was really emotional the day before yesterday as well so thinking my hormones may be all over the place.. thanks for your response xx


It sounds to me that it's spotting. It is a symptom of endo and I normally get it, normally either a week before I'm due or a couple do days. I get really bad pelvic pain, really emotional and brown spots of blood xx


Thanks Christina11, any idea why this happens to us who have endo? xx


I honestly have no idea!! Must have something to with the ovulation process but I cannot be 100% sure don't want to give you the wrong information! I just see it as a warning sign when I see the spotting i think 'great I'm going to start soon' so there are positives haha xx


In regards to missing a couple of your pills, it will definitely cause you period to start early.

Start back on your next pack of pills when needed and make sure you don't miss any, then see how you feel.

If pain is getting worse, go back in to see your GYN

Take care


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