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Minimal Endometriosis


I was diagnosed with minimal endometriosis 4 years ago as it was only minimal they said they didn't laser anything away. I was told to take a certain pill without breaks to help keep this under control and was discharged from the gynecologist about 6 months after. I had lots of issues with the pill, having lots of side effects and having tried lots of different ones I decided to have the coil instead (previously been on the implant back in 2006-2010 and that also in the long run causing problems so that wasn't an option either) I've had the coil for about 6-8 month now. My periods for the past 4 month are lasting for about 2 weeks at a time, extremely heavy and painful to the point I am on my hands and knees breathing through the pain, I sometimes am that bloated I look pregnant! And I also get a horrible pain in my thighs that can only be described as an intense growing pain! Does this sound like the endometriosis has got worse? Should I go to the doctors? Would they do another Laparoscopy?



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I wonder if it might not be Adenomyosis with that heavy bleeding. Are you able to get your GP to refer you to a BSGE Endo centre. You'll need a proper specialist to diagnose that.


Yes ill book an appointment at the doctors, I suffer from all of the symptoms for endometriosis but they have got worse the past few month with makes me think the endometriosis has got worse! Is that possible?


It can both worsen and apparently also spontaneously improve.


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