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Finally diagnosed

I'm finally home after my diagnostic lap today. I have endo and scar tissue on my left side which has been removed, my left ovary was stuck (I'm not sure what it was stuck to) and my bowel was abit high so it has been lowered. I'm so glad I've finally got a diagnosis of what my pain is and I can now start recovering.

However I'm in absolute agony with this shoulder pain does anyone know how to get rid of it apart from drinking peppermint tea?

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Hugs and thinking of you.

Perhaps it was stuck to your peritoneum (abdominal wall) by a cyst or adhesion? That had happened to mine. My cyst burst when the co2 was added and was drained.

Moving position frequently helps stop the gas building up in one place too much. It usually eases after 2 or 3 days. Peppermint oil massage?


Thanks so much. I find whenever I'm standing up or walking the shoulder pain is really bad but luckily it's fine when I'm lying down. I'm going to try and walk around the house every hour tomorrow to try and let some of it out. I'll look into peppermint oil massage. Thanks for your advice x

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A heated pad or hot water helps while the peppermint tea gets to work xxx


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