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I know today there have been varoius news articles floating around about Endometriosis and I've noticed that a lot of the comments on the articles of people who have endo and feel dizzy/ nauseous when hungry. Is this is a thing? I suffer badly from this but assumed it was something related to my eating disorder rather than endometriosis, could this be the case?

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I started fainting at 18 and have fainted on a regular basis, several times a year, ever since. I was always just told it was low blood pressure/dehydration and in the end stopping telling the GP because no-one seemed to think it was an issue. I'm not sure if it was linked to hunger. Interestingly it hasn't happened since I had my hysterectomy, something which is incredibly positive for me.


Huh that's interesting! I've fainted a lot mostly through panic attacks but I find when I'm at work and it's closer to my lunch break I get so light headed and wobbly I can barely work and it feels like I'm about to throw up, and I can't go anywhere without taking food because it's awful being stuck out somewhere without anything to eat! Glad to know I'm not the only one, so glad it's cleared up for you now x


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