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Hi, I'm writing this on behalf of my wife. We are a young couple who are currently separated for visa reasons. She is American and cannot afford the healthcare charges to visit a doctor for a diagnosis etc, but she is fairly convinced she has endometriosis.

Her monthly cycles are becoming increasingly painful to the point where she is shaking with pain and has cold sweats.

She is obviously quite scared at the idea of having this illness, and it could be some time before she is able to get a diagnosis. She is in her late 20's.

I was hoping that I could be given some advice of anything she can do now to help make her monthly cycles more bearable, and if there is anything I can do to help.

I realize this may sound quite desperate, but any tips are gratefully received.

Thank you in advance

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I'm American as well and have little funds for healthcare, but was able to be taken care of. There's many ways to get low costing healthcare here if you take the time to look into it. There's also things like carecredit where you can make payments. I'm not sure where she is at but if she starts looking up stuff online I'm sure she will find something she can afford, even if it's just going to a gp for starters.

I'd recommend to start saving up money(which I realize can be nearly impossible..I'm not trying to act like I know your situation,but I understand the struggle) to help her get in to see a doctor about this. As soon as I went in to see a doctor I was given a diagnostic lap within 3 weeks of the visit and am now being taken care of properly.

In the meantime, heating pads definitely help. Anti inflammatory medications did not really help me much but sometimes it took the edge off of the pain. There are also low costing pain clinics (like painstop) if she cannot get into a specialist for a while.

Basically, do all the research you can online to find affordable ways to get help. It always helps having someone be there for you during times like this so give her all the emotional support you can. I hope you two can figure it out and that she gets the help she needs. xx


Hello, I hope you will still read this. My advice is - start following Lara Briden's blog, she has a great advice how to treat endometriosis naturally. Also I can recommend her book - Period repair manual. Great solutions for all hormonal problems. Basically Agnus castus can help, evening primrose oil and diet - without sugar, milk and gluten. Good luck and do not be pesimistic. You can still have a great life with endometriosis.


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