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Feels like doctors don't care

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Sometimes it feels like finding a doctor who will try to get to the root of the issue and how to help you is impossible. I have been dealing with horrendous periods my entire life, and they have gotten much worse. I lost my job a year ago because I missed too much work due to the constant pain and bleeding. I've been seeing a specialist (after months and months of waiting) and we have been playing guinea pig with me. I've been on the depo shot since late December, and I haven't found any sense of peace. She said she wants to do a MRI and a laparoscopy but any time I go in for a check up she said she hasn't sent the paper work in. Does it usually take this long for a doctor to take you serious? Feeling really upset and defeated. She said she it is very possible it's endometriosis or pcod. I don't know get why they aren't doing anything, pain management anything.

2 Replies


From my personal experience it can take a while. I've had a few doctors not take me seriously over the last year. I saw one doctor who I had to make a complaint about for wasting my time. (She was nearly 2 hours late seeing me and when I got in she told me she had no time to review referring me and to come back the following week) once I'd made the complaint it was the practice manage sorted out my referral to see a gynecologist.

Have they given a reason as to why they haven't sent the paperwork in? I'd bring it up with them and reiterate how important it is that it's done. If they still don't do it then I'd consider making a complaint.


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