Hi ladies, I would like to say sorry if I worried anyone, I was in crisis, unfortunately I did do something stupid as I could not handle any more, I would like you all to know that I hanging in there, I have been seen by the ambulance service who have been at my house for the past 3 1/2 hours as I refused to go to hospital, apart from looking like the elephant man with a swollen face I am ok physically, I really am sorry if I upset anyone and would like to thank you ladies for all your support, x

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Aw Nikki no apologies are needed - as long as you are OK that is the main thing. I'm glad to hear you are getting the right support from the ambulance service too. Look after yourself and take it as easy as possible. We are here anytime you need support X X X X X

Hang in there sweetie x so glad your okish . Big cyber hug 🤗

Came on first thing this morning to check for an update. I'm glad you've been seen by the ambo team. Please reach out to a psychiatrist. What happened yesterday was very worrying and was a cry for help. Please get that help. You've mentioned in previous posts that you have a very supportive husband; Lean on him and let him support you.

Glad your ok and your getting help your not alone we all around here hun ok if you ever need a chat xxx big hugs xx

Glad your OK here if you need to chat whenever 🤗😘

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