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Sore breasts

Hi ladies,

Hope you're all well..

Quick question but I'm not on any meds now for endometriosis.

But I haven't had a period for 2 months, but one of my breasts are really sore and hurts to touch.

My bloating is getting worse I'm not pregnant I've done a test at the Drs. I've put nearly a stone on. I look 6 months pregnant when I'm not.

I walk every day I walk 2.5 mile, but im putting more weight on than it coming off. I dont know what going wrong. :(

Please can somebody help me. :(

I'm getting worried because I'm supposed to have hysterectomy in October if my weight is too much I might get turned down.

Thank you :)



:) 😍

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Could it be a cyst? I have no idea. Is the weight all over or just one place. Talk to your gp and get scans of your ovaries and boob. x


Hello endopains,

Thank you for your reply. :)

The weight is all over and for some unknown reason I've put nearly a stone on.

But I'm not eating anymore than normal.

Only different thing is I've had to up the dosage of my insulin.

Thank you.

Sam x



Have you had a pregnancy blood test done? Sometimes the pee tests aren't reliable. Some women never show a positive pregnancy on pee sticks. I'd request a pregnancy blood test asap if you've not had one already.


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