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Endo group brunch

Hey, so these groups are great and I was wondering if we could do a big brunch (cakes and coffee) i own a events hall so we can do it there I was wondering if anyone would be interested??This is for anyone who wants to meet other people in the same situation and have a chat really I would host it :) I live near Brighton and people can camp for free if they are coming from far away.

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Such a lovely idea. I'm super far away but if I could get there I'd defo come. Think it's a fantastic idea 👍😉😘


Brilliant idea. I would come too if I can. Thank you x


I love the idea, it's a smig far away for me sorry & I have a 6 yr old so tricky with staying over. It's a fab plan though as this support has got me through some tricky times. Keep us posted though


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