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Hi, my name is Michelle and I'm 20 years old. I'm entering my 3rd year of university late in September. I have been struggling with endometriosis since 2015 and was recently diagnosed in February this year. It's thanks to the awareness of endometriosis, done by people involved in this charity that I have been able to get an early diagnosis, and I thank you! It's been a very emotional, unimaginably painful two years. In February I was given two choices, to try the contraceptive route or have a laparoscopy surgery. And I chose the contraceptive route, and unfortunately it hasn't help with the pain. My next appointment with the hospital is on the 7th of September (which is not far away now), they have left the option for surgery open but I have no idea what to do. I feel like I still have a very long road to run, and this surgery will be the start. I never knew this illness existed until I was diagnosed in February and it is so much to take in. It's very scary, and I am so unsure about the surgery still, there are so many risks in having it and not having it I have no idea what to do. Could anyone give advice?

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Hi, I went through a very similar thing throughout my third year of uni, although given that I'd been on the pill for a long time, I chose to have the surgery. It sucked at the time but has actually really helped clear up a lot of my pain. Obviously it never really goes away but it's made it infinitely more manageable. I spoke to one of my tutors about my condition and she was really supportive and offered a lot of help for getting extra time on deadlines for when they days come that you literally want to stay in bed with a hot water bottle and cry. I'd really recommend talking to one of your tutors (your dissertation one especially!) because they're always so willing to help, provided they know there's something going on. Stay strong! I promise it's something you can manage alongside all the uni pressures

Hi, thank you so much for your comment. It is really helpful. I will have to talk to my tutors about it as soon as I start to get some support. From what I've read from the comments it seems the surgery is worth it, obviously I know it won't be the only time having the surgery. But it'll maybe useful to see if I benefit from it pain wise. Thank you.

That's the really sucky thing about endo, you're likely always going to have to deal with it. I've found that being open about it to tutors - and my boss - has been super helpful. The surgery should help you feel better for a time though and it's always down to your own body and following treatments how quickly it builds back up. And just think how much research you can get done from your laptop while youre recovering! :) xx

I'm 21 years old I just had my lap done two weeks before my majors courses started this semester. I totally understand. Surgery was the best thing I've done since I caught it early and I can now be treated. My page has many questions leading up to surgery and daily updates for two weeks post op if you wanted to get a feel for how it may go x

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