Laparoscopy Fatima

HI there, I had a Laparoscopy a week ago on 12th of August 2017, to remove some cists from my uterus, my recory it's been really slow and tiring. I feel so home and is affecting my whole life...I've been struggling with this...I used to do yoga and is really helpful most of the times..but I don't know if I can do it now? Any suggestions?Thank you all. Take care.

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  • Hi, it depends what you had done but this is the written advice I was given for my excision and vaginal repair

  • Have you tried gentle Qi Gong movements? This a 20min morning routine:

    and this is an evening routine:

    Regarding depression- for me taking Gabba supplement helped. Or there is a Talking Therapy available via NHS, its free, you can self- refer yourself or ask GP to refer you, depends on where you live:

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