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Despite the ups and downs with Cerazette, this last week I'd felt no physical pain at all and it's been great, however I got back from football this morning and felt sick, tired and in so much pain. I put it down to pushing myself too hard and not sleeping for the last week but I woke up from a nap to brown blood and I'm gutted. I was told i I wouldn't have a period and while I took this with a pinch of salt, I'd so far felt good and not bled in 30 pills.

I'm paranoid this won't be a period but the start of a long while of spotting which I couldn't handle again, and it's difficult to handle not knowing when another period would start after years of them being clockwork on the pill. Just feeling pretty low and hormonal and hoping the next 5 days end with minimal pain and no more blood! :/

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Thinking of you Xxx it's a lot to take in when you're newly diagnosed.

I hope things settle for you soon xxx


Thank you x I've been on progesterone only before and it was an awful time and I go back to work in 2 weeks so I really don't want to be feeling like this because I can't afford the time off, and depression on top of that really isn't helping my mood! Just trying to keep my head up and make the most of my time off x

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I've had the same trouble with my hormone treatment and depression. Keep putting off starting the cerelle for fear of the same. It would be hitting me as I try to do my post op phased return to work.

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