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Are these pains endometriosis?


I'm recently diagnosed and just getting used to everything. I have endometriosis tissue/cyst onto my womb, which means my ovary is stuck to my womb. However I just wanted to double check my pains... and hope it's not too much into!

I have pain on lower left abdomen(where endo is) however this spreads into my back and left groin... sometimes in waves of sharp pain, sometimes an ache??

It's not just when I'm on my period either... it now seems to be most of my cycle.

Also especially if I need to have a bowel movement or have wind/bloated (also have ibs sorry if too much info!!) I get a severe ache that makes me feel sick again on the left side.

Does this sound like endo pain? I'm due to start fertility treatment next week so I just want to get it all straight in my head.

I have rung my gp to ask about this and she said it sounded like endo and has prescribed me pain relief.

Maybe it's my mind playing tricks and worrying about something else... not sure

Anyway thanks!

Becky x

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Hi Becky hope you're feeling okay, I am currently waiting for my first laparoscopy as my consultant is certain I have endometriosis. I experience the same pains, I'm not certain where my endo is yet but most of my pain comes from the left side of my ovaries and I also get really bad back and groin pains. I am in pain everyday and have some sort of other symptom so I don't believe it's just when your on your period or due. My nurse thinks that my endo may be attached to my bowel so i have been having similar issues. I've tried many tablets and haven't found any to be amazing yet but currently I'm on gabapentin and just taking ibuprofen and paracetamol along with using my tens machine which I have been finding helpful !

Hope this helps and that you feel better soon!

Courtney :) x


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