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Heart shaped womb ♥ & endo

Hi guys... Very new to this site... Awaiting my first lap on tue (22nd)... Doc has advised that have 5cm cyst on right ovary & believes it to be chocolate cyst... She is 99% sure endo will be confirmed during lap.only pain I have is in lower back first few days of period.& this is getting worse with each month that passes

..my sister and mum both have endo so am aware I'm lucky this is my only symptom... However what also showed up during scan was that I have a heart shaped womb...so doc has explained that during lap she will b checking the outside shape of my womb...if it's normal shape then I will be sent for 2nd operation to reshape my womb....if found to be a double heart shape then my only chance of pregnancy will be through ivf....have always had extremely heavy periods while not on pill and am told the Shape is what causes this.... Have any of you guys had this reshaping op??

Also...kinda silly question but what should I bring to hospital for lap?? Told will be kept in overnight as live so far from hospital...nightie be better than pajamas??

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