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Hi guys, second post of the week. Second lap diagnosed endo 9 days ago had most of it exisced / laserd. I was healing nicely up until this point. My right side stitches have come very loose and red raw. The wound has come away compared to my left hand side stitches. I went to the medical center tonight and explained this to the doc and showed him. He didn't seem to know what he was doing, he did give me anti biotic as a precaution but said the stitches are fine. He asked if they were dissolvable or not and I didn't know because they didnt tell me after my op. I called up the day ward today and they didn't have any notes on whether they were dissolvable and the surgeon had gone home. I don't think they are fine :/ what do you guys think? Xx ps. My tummy is very hot and in quite a bit of pain.

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It looks like your stitches are dissolvable but are trying to work their way out of your skin.

It doesn't look infected from the picture but it definitely looks irritated.

Did you ask if you could possibly trim the stitch? If your incision is healed over it may be beneficial to get some of it off of there so it doesn't get tugged on by anything.


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