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What treatment should i go for? And what questions should i ask my consultant?

Hi i was diagnosed with endometriosis 4 years ago. I had a lap two years ago where they removed cyst on both my ovaries. I am trying to conceive for 4 years still no luck.

Beginning of this year i was experiencing the same pains but this time worse so my gp referred me back to consultant. Iv had a scan and my cyst are back. Iv had the worse periods the past few months in excruciating pain even when i am not on my periods.

Its effect my every day to day life iv had so much time off from work really worried about my health.

I have an appointment with my consultant in a few weeks. I want to put my foot down and get to the bottom of this as i want a baby.

I wanted advice on what questions I should ask my consultant. And what types of treatments are out there that i can consider.

And what painkillers have worked for u guys as i have tried all most everything.

Will really appreciate if you guys can help x

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Hi I have been diagnosed with cysts on both ovaries but I can't have them removed until I put weight on. I know crazy right. But til November when they may consider it. I am in pain every day. I'm on naproxen and co codamol. This helps a little. Hope you get some answers soon xx

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Sorry to hear you are struggling. Are you on Nancy Nook on Facebook. It is a teaching and discussion page. Lead by a retired RN and admins who have the best advise to give and on file info. I have learned so much and they have a list of surgeons that get the best outcomes.

Good luck. Xx


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