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Finally had my op done :D

Finally had my op done :D

Hello everyone so I have finally had my operation done last Thursday. Must say it wasn't the greatest thing I have been through physically and emotionally. I had keyhole surgery where they cut my left ovary as I had an endo cyst and 2 others inside and burned endo around my bladder. They said I would feel better by Monday...it's now Thursdays an still feel like poop! After I came out I was in a lot of pain and stomach was swelled up with gas. My throat was also really sore and my shoulders felt really achy. I literally felt like death! The nurse end up giving me two different anti sickness injections as felt really bad. I also just found out I had an allergic reaction to something they gave me during my op as I am covered in spots all over my stomach and legs. My overall experience of my first op was scary and not Nice. But hopefully in a few weeks time it will be all worth it!:D I am finding it hard to get about and still feel exhausted. Now on road to recovery and hopefully start trying for a baby!

I am here if anyone's needs a chat or just someone to rant to. I know it's not the easiest thing to go through especially if your on your own or around people who just don't understand what your going through.


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Sorry to hear you had a hard time 😞 Glad it's done! Now you can recover. It's taken me a full two weeks to feel mostly normal emotionally and only in a mild amount of pain. Everyone recovers differently so even though they may say you'll feel better a certain day, you may not.

I hope you feel better soon and have an uncomplicated recovery xx

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