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Recently diagnosed

Hello! I've just been recently diagnosed with endometriosis. My left ovary is stuck to my womb on my left. I have always had very painful periods but this has only just been diagnosed as I am going for fertility treatment.

At first I had a lot of pain when it was my period. Now I am finding that I have it at other times at the month.

Just wondered whether anyone had any ideas or solutions to coping with the pain?? That isn't necessarily analgesia. As I am a nurse and it isn't always possible to take codeine at work.



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Hi. I feel we are in a very similar situation. I've just be diagnosed with endo, it's adhered my left tube and ovary to my bowel. Only found this out because we too are TTC. Have an appointment today to see what the next step is. Like you I don't get many symptoms, just a painful period, and some spotting mid cycle. I only really noticed this because of TTC. I always get cramps/pain mid cycle, just assumed was ovalation but guessing all to do with the endo?

When I get severe pain I take ibroprofen, and use a hot water bottle. I've read that heat pitches really help. Have you tried the Ibroprofen and paracetamol every two hours when in pain at work so don't have to rely on codeine? A warm drink also helps. Sorry I can't be of anymore help. x


Eating an anti inflammatory diet can help. I've had best results cutting out gluten and dairy.

Turmericic and ginger contain curcurmin which is an anti inflammatory. But you need enteric coated tablets for it to get to the right place.

Below notes I made on my diet research to date, take whatever may useful and ignore what isn't.



Hi Becky,

I have used heat patches before now and found they ease things a little ... tried a tens machine once but I found it more irritating than helpful but I know other people have found them helpful. I have previously had acupuncture too...but only for shorter term relief. Hope some of these help. I'm a nurse too and found codeine only caused constipation rather than any pain relief which made my bowe symptoms worse....sometimes asking for a stronger NSAID from GP may help? Hope you find something to help xx


Hi everyone thanks so much for getting back to me. It's so lovely to have found somewhere to be able to talk about endometriosis and symptoms and know that some of the things I'm feeling are not unusual.

I have co-codamol 30/500mg and 8/500mg (obviously) don't take at same time and then my NSAID is naproxen 250mg twice a day. I tend to take naproxen at work and paracetamol, but may have to take lower dose cocodamol.

I think heat patches are a great idea I might have to do that. Thanks Eve7.

And Starry I am already gluten intolerant so I don't eat that, and it made a massive difference when I started that.

CLN1986- I have been told it's probably due to ovulation that I get endo pain. So maybe your mid cycle pain is due to that??

Thanks again everyone



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