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4 days post laparoscopy still feeling weird


I had a laparoscopy 4 days ago. Was diagnosed with endometriosis but I don't know if the surgeon did any treatment or not-find out when I see him next week. I'm still feeling really dizzy and tired. My pain is improving and scars look fine. I'm wondering if it's still after effects from the anaesthetic or what? Anyone else felt the same after laparoscopy? How long before people felt normal again?

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It was only 4 days ago. Give yourself some time! I'm 17 days post lap and I'm still recovering. You may feel the after effects of the anaesthesia for a couple of weeks (sluggishness, fatigue, etc). Rest up as much as you can.

I'm 5 days post lap and absolutely shattered. I just walked my girls up the road and back for a hair cut, was out of the house for two hours and I've had to come and lie down again! Just listen to your body and rest as much as you can. Regardless of what treatment was or wasn't done you've been poked around a lot and organs moved which will take its toll. Xx


The minimum recovery time for a lap is 2 weeks. It often takes longer. You just had surgery! It will take a bit for you to no longer feel weird.

Thanks for comments. I guess I was expecting to be feeling normal by now with a bit of pain perhaps. Good to know others took a while longer and it's not just me.

I had a lap last Sunday and on the 3rd and 4th day I probably felt the worst I think as no one really prepares you in terms of recovery time. I was expected to feel better but didn't which just made me really frustrated and low. But everyone is right rest and listen to your body, try and be mobile but do not over do it as it will just slow the whole process down. Sending you positive vibes ✌🏼❤️

Haha totally thought this was not a month ago! However now I've posted! How are you feeling? How is the recovery?

Hi! Yeah I'm back to normal now thanks. Took about 10 days to feel better for me and longer to feel less concerned about my wounds. How are you getting on after yours?

So I'm on day 5 and feeling like I have more normal energy. still cant resume to my normal day to day stuff but the pain has subsided. In the evenings I seem to be getting a lot more bloated and a full sensation. Guess that's just everything healing. My surgeon has said he will see me in 3 months for a post op assessment which I thought was quite long. But guessing that might be normal too. Glad you recovered nicely. How's your pain levels after the op? 😘😘

3 months seems a while but guess it depends on hospital waiting times. I ended up having my lap privately as husband has private insurance with his work and wait on NHS where I am was 5 months for the procedure. I didn't had any treatment so I'm now back to my baseline pain levels; no pain that I've noticed from the procedure itself

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