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4 weeks after laparoscopy

Hi ladies,

So im 4 weeks post lap and everything was goin to plan until i bent down other day and something pulled in my side right near stitche site, it been so sore and bruised since and keeps pulling, is this normal? Feels like muscle pain, like inflammation.

Also i cant hold my wee in for very long since lap and if i have to i get a pain in my side where in bruised. There still seems to b alot goin on down there, it not a happy pelvis.... it was actually better two weeks ago then now 4 weeks

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Hi Lulububs, it sounds like you might have pulled or dislodged something that was healing. I'd give it a few days to see if it settles down on its own before going to see the GP.

Re. The bladder situation, that could be due to catheter if they used one x


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