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The first time i had the implant a year ago, i was bleeding every two weeks and still in pain..

I had another one put in 26th June and I had a period on 6th July which I'm putting down to me stopping the pill before i had the implant fitted.

My breasts have changed, my period is a week late, my pains are worse and I'm always feeling exhausted.

Has anyone else had the same problem?

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I had the implant in twice before with no problems at all + recommended it to so many friends.... However 2years ago I came off it and decided to give my body a break from everything... 6mts of really heavy periods I decided to go back on it and straight away had terrible break through bleeding and a constant horrible brown discharge... Dr begged me to stick wit it for the full 6mts as she advised it sometimes takes this long to settle in ur system.... but I knew there was something wrong n I was miserable so she agreed to take it out n sent me to gyne.... Took mts to get an appointment n of course by time it came around there was no sign of the discharge!! Typical... But the heavy periods were back wit a vengeance!! Gyne discovered I have a heart shaped womb n this can b a cause of heavy bleeding... Cyst also discovered on my right ovary n gyne is convinced it's chocolate cysts n signs of endo, the culprit of the discharge...have appointment for lap next wk....I honestly think me being on the implant b4 helped to keep my endo at bay...my sister +mum have both had terrible time...so I think the break I took from implant triggered my cysts... You know ur own body... If ur not happy wit effects of the implant give it the few months but no more than 6..this just may not b right pill for you but it maybe worth sticking it out a little longer... Rest up n don't be too hard on urself... Hormones all over the place when u change pill so jus take care

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Stick it out a little longer!


I'm going to try and give it to at least November, December time as that is when i see my gyne again


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