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Day 11

Feeling a bit swollen today. Been listening to music more and that's been helping my mood a lot. I have felt a bit too nauseous to listen to music with headphones on for some reason. Today I feel well enough to do that.

I also felt well enough to paint my fingernails and tweeze my eyebrows yesterday. It's the little things like those that really make me feel like I'm making progress and it makes me feel better mentally.

I am still in pain but regular anti-inflammatories have been keeping it at bay. My emotions have been so up and down lately but thinking of things I'm thankful for having has been helping. It's hard living with depression, anxiety and PTSD then having surgery that amplifies the mental issues even more.. but I will get through it! I've been doing my best to stay out of the bad thought patterns.

One day at a time.. ✨

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Good girl that what u got to keep doing , keep in that happy space. All the things u like to do, all the things u like to watch or eat or music just to get u through it..

Music and boxsets is what getting me through at mo, im 4 weeks since lap but as i said yesterday i exercised to early and hurt meself put myself backwards.. so ive just been having to get meself through with music boxsets and painkillers, hope whatever ive done calms itself down now ive given in and am laying on sofa doin nothing


I'm doing my best to! I hope everything calms down for you soon xx


It will.. i have hope. Keep ur head strong and ur body will b strong

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Puzzles have been my distraction. I also switched off my mobile as I found myself getting upset seeing on social media that everyone was getting on with their lives.

I attempted a return to work yesterday (day 18). Despite having no pain for a few days I found it really painful sitting at my desk and only managed about 4.5 hours before needing to come home and sleep for over 2 hours. Externally I seem ok so it feels weird to still find things so difficult.

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Oh man that must be rough! I hope it gets easier for you soon xxx


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