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hi, i had an operation on my spine 5 weeks ago so ive been taking muscle relaxers and pain meds suh as dilaudid , im am taking 2 pms-sennosides a day as a stool softener but its not helping. i had a bowel movement once since the operation, but CANT MAKE ONE NOT I HAVE PRESSURE AND PAIN TO HAVE A BOWEL MOv, EMENT BUT IT WONT COME ITS TOO HARD, should i go back to doctor or is there something else i can take, in pure agonythis morn,

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I would contact your GP or hospital sweetie and not leave it. I had the same trouble for 7 days after my bowel shave and had to have glycerine suppositories followed by a enema in hospital. Even then it was excruciating.

I'm on lactulose which is working ok mostly. A lady recommended a fibre supplement to me but I would take medical advice first. My physio booklet says to get a little footrest which pushes your knees up higher to get you in a better position can also help. I've been using my scales.

Good luck. Thinking of you. X


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