Dry Cough & laparotomy surgery in 3days😣

I have developed a dry cough (non productive) & I have a bit of a temp 37.7'c

I'm due for surgery on Wed & I'm trying to get rid of the cough. Ive called in sick to work to try get rest & plenty fluids. I was using pholcodine cough bottle & cold capsules but I read this morning online it's not good to use cough suppressants pre surgery (the pharmacist had recommended this). I'm hoping to see my GP tomo and call into the hospital to advise i have a cough.

has anyone else had a cough pre surgery do you have to re-arrange ? Any remedies?

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hot water and lemon with honey is my go to for coughs, no idea if this will effect you presurgery, I assume not as it's natural, but check with your doctor first. Hope you get well soon x

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