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Zoladex running out ?

Hi I've suffered with endro now for over ten years , finally after many surgeries and one overt removal and many other problems with bladder and bowel they forced menopause with " the jab" I've only had one so far and due my next on the 15th of august and I am in agony ! Is this normal ? I've swollen up five fold and am doubled , as I've been pain free for three months I've stopped my tramadol so have no pain relief to last me and don't want to get hooked on them again ! Is what's happening normal and will the next jab stop it ?

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I took zoladex for 7 months and apart from the hot flushes at night I did not have any other side effects. I found Zoladex to be excellent but unfortunately it isn't a long term pain mangement solution because it affects bone density but I wish I was still on it. No bleeding no excruciating pain but once you stop the zoladex unfortunately symptoms all come back. It is usually given before an operation to reduce bleeding at endo sites and to reduce the size of fibroids.

Shouldn't take it for longer than 6 months apparently but keep up with the zoladex because it does offer relief from endo pain and gives you a break. I have stage 4 endo, fibroids, adenomyosis, ovarian cysts blocked FTs etc tough isn't the word so I understand your concerns.

I didn't get bloating or stomach issues from the zoladex but Cutting gluten from my diet has helped me a lot. Just thought I'd throw that in!




My zoladex injection only lasts about 3 weeks, the final week j start to get pain back and bloat etc. But I was always told that until you have had the second or third injection you can't really tell how it effects your body.

As for only being on it short term, if it does work, talk to your dr. Mine has literally changed my life around. It's been amazing. The 3 weeks are completely different so I cherish those for a week of pain if that makes sense. I went to my dr and he said I could be on it for as long as I wanted. After a year I need regular bone scans. I asked about he max max duration and he said 35 years, so it's not forever because of the downsides with your bones but better than having a hysterectomy where that happens anyway.

I'd definitely give it a few more jabs before you decide if you are happy, that's why it's a 6 month trial most people start with.

And maybe talk to them about your side effects. I'm lucky and rarely have any. The odd hot flush and a little mood swing. I feel very lucky.

Good luck with it


Hi Daisysmum,

My first zoladex injection caused a flare up of my symptoms. Very heavy bleed with clots, worse pain and a swollen stomach that looked 5 months pregnant. I was concerned but gp and gynae assured me it will settle with second injection.

I am now 6 weeks in and things have settled, no bleeding, stomach gone down, although I still have some pain it's not as bad as it was before.

Hope this helps. Hope things settle for you too xx


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