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Ok so I had my GP appointment today to ask about being referred to a BSGE centre and the GP said something that really grated on me. She said "I would just refer you back to the gynaecologist because she is the expert, you know, being a gynaeocologist" and this really got to me because like, she had no clue?? I've been with this gynaeo for 2 years already and all she wanted to do was refer me back to her because she believed no one else could have better advice. She asked me who I wanted to be reffered to and said if I could name a place she'd refer me, implying if I couldn't name any, I would be back at square 1.

I'm glad I got the outcome I did but I mean this treatment is pretty shocking right? The fact they thought the general gynaeo was as good as it got and almost accused me of wanting to go against her word. I was told that the specialist will probably told me the same thing as the gynaeo and, if that was the case, not to come back and ask to see anyone else.

I feel awful for anyone else going through this, but keep standing your ground and pushing because it doesn't look like the GP's know as much as they like to think!

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I had my treatment at a bsge centre (the big one in London) but I have heard some truly shocking things from other doctors along the way. The female health specialist GP at my surgery told me not to bother with the bsge centre and to have an abdominal hysterectomy with the gynae locally rather than the laparascopic hyst and excision at the bsge centre because 'people won't visit you in hospital if you're in London.'

I was admitted to our local hospital 2 weeks after the hyst with complications and a couple of the consultants there were very sniffy with me because I'd gone to the bsge centre for treatment, asking me quite rudely why I'd gone there and not just had it done with them. And yet we know that general gynae are carrying out abdominal hysts for endo, leaving bowel endo behind, and leaving women with terrible long term problems. It's absolutely infuriating.

They were still a step up from the GP who told me in early 2015 that it wasn't endo because I didn't have the symptoms. 3 months later I had my first trip to A&E for pain. I could have been spared so much distress if someone had listened to me sooner, and I am finding that really difficult to come to terms with.

My GP was the same! When I asked to be referred to an endo specialist he said, "aren't all gynaecologists endometriosis specialists?" in such a degrading tone like if you don't know, don't ask!!

The answer to that one is unfortunately a resounding no! If your GP says something like this again tell them to take a look at the APPG report on women's health that came out in April. It highlighted the poor treatment that many women are receiving with regards to endometriosis.

A lot of gynaecologists don't have the skills and knowledge to adequately diagnose and treat endo which is why so many of us have to undergo multiple surgeries. There needs to be better education and training in this in the medical profession. Unfortunately I think the only way that will happen is if patients do their own research and self-advocate.

This is so wrong, something really needs to be done about this, it's putting lots of women's health at risk, enough is not being done about educating GP's other Drs and they should be screening girls from a young age for this then they may be able to get better control over it before it cause irreversible damage, makes me so angry this

Right? I've had symptoms since I was 13, missed a lot of school and doing "normal" things all because I was told it was not enough exercise, too much exercise, bad diet, muscle pain, uti. Awareness definitely needs to be raised amongst GPs too!

I couldn't agree more! This is why I took part in the endo march this year. It was just disappointing that the media didn't pick it up. Things need to change and lessons need to be learned because so many lives are being ruined by this horrible disease and not enough is being done to prevent it.

Shocking behaviour. Next time take a copy of the NHS treatment pathway for her to educate herself. Well done for getting the outcome you needed.

I am afraid many GPs and gynaecologists at a provincial hospitals are not up to date on the latest guidelines. Some gynaecologists won't admit their limitations and causing more harm then good.

It baffles me that we do not see a specialist automatically when we hit puberty and then regular check ups. This would help the right care to happen. I ended up at the well women clinic at my GP as a teenager and given some tablets. Then GP at uni said I just had thrush repeatedly. It wasn't until my dad said go to my local gum clinic and see the most amazing doctor there, I hat I finally got answers and was listened to and engaged with. And now it's at risk of closure. I've been a patient there for 14 years. I have my smears there as I am utterly against the GP practice doing them as they do not have the equipment or expertise. My mum now goes to the clinic for her smears. The clinic has been running for 25 years and you do not get treated badly but with amazing respect and complete confidence. GUM clinics aren't just sexual transmitted diseases . I had my endo referall through them. So if you can, research your local GUM clinic and book to see a consultant there.

Ooh that's something I hadn't thought of before. Thanks!! And right? Apparently you're meant to go and see the gynaeo by the time you're 16 but if I hadn't have had all these issues I'd probably have never gone in the first place


This has made me so cross! You are fully entitled to a second opinion! I think that GP's attitude was absolutely disgraceful.

I'm glad you obviously did your homework before you went in there and were able to say where you wanted to be referred to. It's awful but we as patients have to be better informed than our doctors if we want to get the kind of treatment that we need, want and deserve.

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