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5 months of severe pelvic and abdominal pain, is this just a cyst or a chance of endometriosis?

Hi there,

I've never posted anything like this before but I'm starting to feel at my wits end and was hoping to see if anyone is experiencing the same and can provide some help.

I went to the doctors beginning of February with a localised pain in my lower left abdomen and pain during sex. It quickly just went worse, the pain was so severe, especially when I walked, but it was always constant. I started to get my period all the time (I'm on the contraceptive pill so it was usually quite regular) and they are extremely heavy, having to change tampons and pads every 15-30 mins.

I had an ultra sound scan which showed a small cyst on my left ovary and thought this might be the problem. I got a follow up and woman doing the ultrasound told me she could see unusual fluid in my pelvis but no cyst on left ovary. When I properly got results back they found a tiny cyst on my right side (there's no pain at all in right side).

I was put on pain killers and was referred to gynaecologist 2 months ago.

Last week, I took new blood tests that showed I have became anaemic.

The pain has gotten so bad I had to quit my job because I was constantly being sick and had to defer from university.

I am now on 8 tablets of tramadol a day and practically bed bound because walking too much is unbearable and sometimes makes my chest hurt and I'm being told there is nothing else they can do for me.

I need to wait another 22 weeks for an appointment with gynaecology because my symptoms aren't severe enough and they suspect it's just a cyst.

Can a cyst cause this much pain and blood? Or can this be something else? I went to a&e three times and the doctors there suspects endometriosis but my gp keeps saying she doubts it's that. Is anyone else experiencing the same and have any advice on how to force my gp to try and accelerate the process?

Sorry I know this is very long winded but I appreciate you reading. I am 20 years old and this is literally ruining my life and making me so depressed and frustrated. I'm met to be going back to university next month and I don't want to drop out and I also don't want to start getting addicted to pain killers. Any replies will be helpful!

Thank you.

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Go back to ur GP or see a different one and tell them you want a referral to your nearest endo centre, you have a right to be treated were you want and they are not supposed to refuse, see a different doctor, write everything down to take with you, tell them how it is affecting your life and insist on being referred, not a normal gynaecologist because they don't know what they are looking for but ask for your nearest endo specialist centre which you should be able to find online, good luck x

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Hello, thanks for replying.

The nearest endo centre is under the same gynaecology department at my hospital that I have been referred to.

I was hoping just to speak with a gynaecologist about everything but I have to wait 22 weeks for it.

I've been seen by out of hours GP who have all said they suspect it is endo that I have. My GP just says 'yeah it could be but you just have to wait'

I think it's just time to move practice because doctors are still trying to tell me it's just bad periods but I'm scared I'll need to wait weeks to just get an appointment with new practice.

I'm not sure if you will know this but do you think if I went to a and e I could be referred to endo centre through there?

I'm sorry I'm just so fed up and worried about this. I can't go on with this much longer, never mind 22 weeks for my first appointment x


No A and E won't as they won't see it as an emergency, does that hospital offer private treatment, a lot of people on here have been paying private for the consultation which is not that expensive and means you don't have to wait, any treatment will be then classed NHS, if they do make sure you write down everything, even questions to ask, and if they think it's endo you then ask for the lap to diagnose it on NHS with them not private, it's worth a try I think it has worked for a few on here, I was private as I was paying for fertility treatment and as soon as they found something wrong it was not classed as private anymore, I was just lucky that I was already at the write hospital, I had the same being fobbed off by GP since I was 11, I had never even heard of Endometriosis until my consultant found something on my scan just before I was due to start another treatment x

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