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Does anyone have a very irregular cycle, but bang on the 4 week mark feel the period symptoms even though it doesn't come? I have a cycle that can be anywhere from 5 weeks to 6 months, but rest assured every time I 'should' be due on I get the fatigue, tummy / back ache, grumpy, spotty, bloated etc (non stop eating) basically I feel crap until I eventually come on.

I have stopped tracking my periods years ago to reduce stress of waiting I just have a period book write down when it happens then forget about it but guaranteed approx 3.5/4 weeks after I came on I will start with symptoms just no period. So frustrating.

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Oh my god you sound exactly like me! I have the same issues. I get the period symptoms like clock work but no bleeding.

It's been about 6 months of no period and I think it may have just started or a cyst ruptured again. I have PCOS and am going in for a lap to see if I have endometriosis.

Been dying in pain since yesterday when I started bleeding.. hopefully the laparoscopy will give me some answers/reduce some of my pain.


So glad to hear I am not alone. Some times I feel like I'm going a little crazy, esp when you feel poo and people say oh is it the monthly I feel like saying you don't know the half of it..

Is yours down to pcos? I'm suspected pcos but undiagnosed as my consultant said my results were unreadable as they changed with every procedure.


I have PCOS as diagnosed from an ultrasound and blood work. I am going in for a laparoscopy to see if I have endometriosis as well as it runs in my family.


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