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Post lap swelling!

Hi ladies

I had a diagnostic lap just over 2 weeks ago and my belly is still enormous! It's getting bigger rather than going down so pretty sure it's not the gas any more. I'm struggling to wear any of my clothes and having a huge flare up with lots of pain. Normally with a flare up my tummy is flatter first thing in the morning but I'm waking up really uncomfortable.

How long can I expect this to continue? Is it normal? Everything I eat just seems to be making it worse and by the end of the day I'm looking about 6 months pregnant. It was my first day back at work today and I was very aware of people noticing my middle and making pained faces - very embarrassing :(

I've tried all the usual, buscopan, wind ease etc but nothing seems to be working. Any advice? x

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Firstly see ur gp or surgeon asap - it could be internal bleeding or fluid leaking but it shouldn't be getting bigger!

Next (sorry to ask) but how are you pooping? Im always v v constipated after surgery and even when things finally restart, it takes another few weeks to get back in a good routine.

For example i had my most recent lap 10 days ago - I didn't poop until day 6 post surgery, and things are still 'backed up' and needing laxatives and stool softeners to keep it all going. My stomach is still really swollen (worse than normal but i had endometrial ablation and tubytied as well) but it is 50% less swollen than the day after surgery.


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