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After Prostap

Hi everyone, can anyone tell me how long after finishing Prostap should I expect my first period? And if there is anything else I should expect?

I am due to have my final injection tomorrow following a 6 month course and am going on holiday Sunday, however, I forgot to pick up prescription and now I am struggling to get hold of any Prostap as it is too late to order in and nowhere stocks it. If I miss this final injection, is it going to ruin my holiday? I am hopeful that I have achieved everything intended from the Prostap, but was having the final one to tide me over until my consultation at the beginning of September. I am just worried that if I miss this last one, my period will come on and I will be back to crippling endo pain over my holiday.

Can anyone offer any advice as I just don't know what to do :(

Thanks in advance xx

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When I went to collect mine from the pharmacy they were out of stock but they were able to order it to come in later that day. That was Rowlands Pharmacy xxx


Hiya, thanks for the reply :) I have rang literally every pharmacy I can think of and the best they can do is get it in by 3/4pm tomorrow and the latest nurses appointment I can get is 2:30pm. Do you know if anywhere they than doctors surgeries can administer it?xxx


My GP has administered mine sometimes xxx


Also the nurse at the hospital xxx


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