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Anyone in the same boat?


Had a diagnoses of endo for 2 years following surgery and removal of scar tissue. Pain improved for a few months but then crept back. Been on lots of pain relief for about 18 months with the intention of going for ivf. I chickened out of ivf (whole different story) and the doctor decided to put me on the contraceptive injection in January it seemed to improve the pain to start with. Now instead of having chronic pain for seven days a month I start with semi chronic pain whenever I'm active such as shopping, working or walking the dogs. Doctors are persistent I should stick with it but after 7 months I'm doubting this is any good for me.

Is it normal for contraception to have little impact on pain?

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Hi hun

Sounds to me like your pain will be adhesions. Also did you have your end excised properly or just lasered. Was your op with general gynae? Endo is easily missed by the un trained eye.

Surgery will always cause more adhesions. I found serrapeptase a systemic enzyme that eats away at scar tissue does so much acts as an inflammatory it helps me loads it's even cleared my tubes. Look it up it may be of help to you. Some people have kept their end and pain away with taking these and they say it's changed their life. I feel it's changed mine. If I don't take it for a few days I notice a big difference I feel really I'll and achy.

If you haven't already try get referred to a bsge centre they'll be able to help you xx

Thanks for that I think they lasered it of but honestly not sure. It's all just so frustrating I want to be calming down on the painkillers and it just seems to be going he wrong. I will have a look for the serrapeptase thanks for the suggestion.

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