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please help!!!

I am 22 years of age, almost 23 and plan on getting married next year. We are hopeful to try for a baby after the wedding. My story started last October when I was on the pill but noticed significant changes in my periods. My GP brushed this off several times so I took i took myself off the pill at the end of the year incase something was wrong.I have been on it since I was 16/17. Since then I have had problems with periods and pains. Over the last month or so I took it upon myself to see a private gynaecologist in Scotland due to my following symptoms.

1.Severe period cramps

2.Severe cramping round about ovulation time

3.Black blood at start of periods

4. periods lasting approx 8 days

5. discomfort during sex

5. I also have twinges in my cervix area almost everyday

The consultant told me within 5 minutes of sitting down it was very likely that it was endo and I had to go for an internal scan to check for cyst. This was clear. I have now been referred by my NHS GP to start the process again so I can have a lap on the NHS. This is the first time I have had to give in and call in sick from my work because of the pain. I had to take a bath during the night and wear heat pads front and back. Nothing helps!

Anyone know how long I might need to wait? And does anyone else have the same symptoms as me? Im concerned I go for the procedure and they don't find anything. Im scared I'm wasting peoples time but the pain is unreal. I dread every month.

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Yes I have all of those symptoms and bleeding and cramping between my periods as well as secondary infertility for 5 years and 10 months ( was unexplained till my endo diagnosis last month). I also had bowel symptoms as well as gynae issues making it more difficult for the medics to diagnose or treat me. Luckily I am under a fertility consultant and when I experienced chronic pain in my lower left abdominal side( no prescription painkillers worked) he arranged an urgent scan which was clear and then suggested a laparoscopy ( for fertility investigations as a pain) to rule/ treat endometriosis. He found and removed endometriosis I from my pouch of Douglas which is between the back of the uterus and bowel hence gynae and bowel issues. I was advised by consultant to keep lactose ( when keeping a pain diary I noticed that I had more pain when eating dairy products) and to go gluten free- these things should ease endometriosis symptoms. I don't know if you have any pain when eating certain foods?

I also got a disinterested GP who thought I was putting on the pain- he was awful ( first he closed the case and I as a result ended up in hospital and then he announced it as " tummy pain" and basically don't bother him again was the gist of it) it's disgraceful how some GPs behave. Luckily for me all the healthcare assistants, nurse practitioners, doctors and even receptionists were really supportive ( I saw them many times!)- at least I know it was only one bad apple! Needless to say I haven't spoken to my GP since or ever will again... I was fortunate that I was under a good consultant that took my pain seriously and wanted to resolve it for me.

Anyway I'm babbling on. Good luck with your laparoscopy. If you have any questions on it feel free to ask me. xoxo



I have had issues for the past eight years started when I was 21 and is still going on . I went to my GP for 7 years contest and they brushed my problems under the carpet and my pains are sometimes that bad a can pass out with the pain . I had a lap this year in may took nearly 4 months for them to get me in when they transfer me . They found endo told me to go on pI'll straight which I refused because I wanted to try straight away . Had maybe 2 months of been okay but then everything hit me 10x time's worst again . I am currently waiting another lap to see what going on cause I physically carnt cope . If I give u any advice please keep going back and forth to the doctors don't wait for them to leave u on a waiting lisit because it only gets worse trust me I know it's uncurable but it's so draining xx

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I am so unbelievably tired with it all. I'm going to make another appointment with my GP to see about the referral again. I can't let it affect my work for too much longer. Hope all goes ok with you too xx


I can't advise about how long it might take to get the answers you want as I didn't take this route, I had the symptoms, I asked for the Mirena and I was given it. Things then got better - eventually. I would advise to ask about having the Mirena instead of the pill ASAP, don't wait and let the endo spread or get worse. Of course you need to check there is nothing else serious that needs dressing but ask your doc about all options. I was 23 when I had my first Mirena and can relate to what you are going through.

Good luck x


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